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borgBLOC P2E Gaming

  • Gameplay: Traditional gameplay where blocks fall from the top, Players will maneuver random sized “borgblocks” to create rows.
  • Scoring System: Players earn points based on how well they arrange these “borgblocks.” Special combos can trigger “Power ups” , earning extra points.
  • Levels & Difficulty: Progressive levels, each introducing new features
  • such asĀ  reverse elements, making the game more challenging.
  • Special Features: Power-ups like “slow motion Play” , “Time BomBs” , “Transtemporal Mode” and “Special Token Blocks” for added bonusesĀ  etc.

For Player Earning Activities:

  • Earning BORG Tokens: Players earn BORG tokens based on their scores, achievements, and special challenges they complete.

Token Utility: Players can use BORG tokens to purchase in-game items, power-ups, or even trade them within a marketplace.

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